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Caring for your corsage & buttonhole

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Caring for your corsage & buttonhole and tips to keep them as fresh as possible –

We wire and tape each individual flower and foliage. Corsages and buttonholes are made with fresh flowers and foliage and within 12 hours of pick up. Please pick up your corsage or buttonhole on the day of your event.

Should I put them in the fridge?
No! Food fridges are not designed for flowers.

Please keep in mind that flowers are living things.
They  don’t do well in hot cars during the summer. Try to limit exposure to extreme temperatures as much as possible.

Keep away from pets!

Gentlemen, beware of the seat belt!

It is preferable to collect your fresh corsage or buttonhole on the same day as your School Ball.

Yes, we do deliver, however, we cannot guarantee the exact delivery time or delivery. Flowers are best kept indoors in a cool place upon delivery, it is not ideal to leave them on the door step if the home is unattended.


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