Festive Candles- 350g

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Festive Candles- 350g

60 hours burn time!
  • Raspberry Brulee– The crackle of toffee caramel blended with the deliciously sweet ripe raspberries. With notes of crème caramel, anise and decadent vanilla bean.
  • Lemon & Lime Sorbet- Reminiscent of a hot summers day, cooled with a refreshing zesty sorbet. Infused with notes of tangy lime and bergamot on a base of lemon and sugared vanilla.
  • Passion Fruit Pavlova- Drizzled with layers of sweet sun-ripened passionfruit and soft creamy vanilla bean. With notes of peach and paw paw with a drizzle of blackcurrant.
  • Xmas Pud- Embrace timeless holiday traditions with the enchantment of homemade Xmas pud. With notes of tart citrus and the aromatic spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

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Raspberry Brulee, Lemon & Lime Sorbet, Passion Fruit Pavlova, Xmas Pud

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