Native Bouquet

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Only WA natives used in this bunch!

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WA native fresh flower bouquet

A eye catching, unique, long lasting native bouquet will make just the best, long lasting floral gift. Why not buy one for yourself?

WA is known for it’s own unique flora. For your interest, read why our wildflowers are so unique. – http://www.wildflowersocietywa.org.au/know/why-was-wildflowers-are-unique/

Being a country girl, my love for the bush and our environment sits                                      squarely with Mother Nature. 

She does the best work and we love creating bunches and bouquets form our very own local growers – http://yelvertonproteafarm.com.au/

Our native bouquet is wrapped with hessian to compliment the rural / rustic look. We deliver it with a water bubble to keep them fresh. Simply order today before 1pm for same day delivery.

Native flower availability will vary each season and may be different from the image.

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