Natural & Native Flowers in Eco friendly pot

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We’re back! This arrangement now comes in a larger, earth friendly pot.

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Rustic, native flowers in a natural pot.

Introducing our Native Flower Arrangements in Waterproof Paper Pottery

Excited to present our rustic and earthy native fresh flower arrangement in our new range of earth friendly Paper Pottery. Our locally sourced WA grown native flowers are selected for the their longevity and natural blooms. Artistically arranged, this is a long lasting, unique, fresh flower gift.

For a completely indulgent gift, add our vegan Salt Soak – https://bloominboxes.wpengine.com/product/salt-soak/

The Paper Pottery range is light weight, unbreakable, waterproof and beautifully versatile. We have a range of contemporary designer pots handmade from sustainable and recycled materials.
The unique Paper Pottery is made from paper, lined with natural rubber so that it is completely waterproof internally with a protective water-repellent outside. Please call one of our friendly staff to enquire about our Eco range. # 9355 3848

We all want to make a Difference –

You don’t have to be a fanatical environmentalist to make an impact. There are many changes that you can make daily to live more sustainable. Most of these ideas are simple to implement, cost little to no money and can have a huge impact on the environment and our natural resources. Please visit – https://www.ecopages.com.au/make-a-difference/




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