Pot of Flowers

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Flowers arranged in our popular, chunky aqua pot.

A pot of flowers, filled with an eclectic mix of colourful blooms, assorted textures and foliage. Small in size but big on impact. Suitable flower arrangement for the office and home. It does not take up a lot of space, but it commands attention with its flower variety, harmonic colourful blend in this earthy, aqua coloured pot.

To care for your pot of flowers – Simply continue to add a little water daily to & enjoy it for many days ahead.

Just add chocolate from WA owned Whistlers –https://bloominboxes.com.au/product/whistlers-french-wrapped-dark-chocolate/

Visit – http://yelvertonproteafarm.com.au/ for WA grown proteas & natives.

                         But why buy your Pot of Flowers from Bloomin Boxes?

  • Flowers elicit true happiness to the people who receive them. Flowers lift your mood, making them the perfect gift for the person who has everything.
  • Our helpful staff would love you to visit us in our store, situated at 19 Archer St, but you don’t have too!! You can order on line and save time, petrol and parking!!
  • Flowers don’t last forever, but like champagne they are more indulgent for just that reason
  • Our creative staff can add our unique flower arrangements to any Bloomin gourmet of gift box.
  • We will make them to your budget. We’ll pay the same amount of attention to your flower order regardless if you pay $50 or $500.
  • Your Flower pot arrangement can be customised to suit your clients, staff or family members, for any occasion. Simply call us to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff or pop in to 19 Archer St, Carlisle.
  • They look amazing and our presentation will inspire.
  • We make earth friendly decisions. We recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

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