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THE UNNAMED – Sheet Mask

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The UNNAMED masks are specially formulated with proven ingredients to see instant results AND have long-term benefit. Targeted to our biggest skincare concerns – to Hydrate, Brighten & Firm

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THE UNNAMED – masks are  made here in Australia with proven ingredients, and you never have to choose between instant or long-term results.

Clarifying & Soothing Sheet Mask – is just what you need to calm inflammation, reduce redness & soothe irritated skin.

  • Calms inflammation, reduces redness & soothes irritated skin.
  • Protects against future signs of aging.
  • Leaves your skin looking clear, balanced & soothed.

Why is it unique?

This face mask is specially formulated to be both clarifying AND soothing. It gently exfoliates the skin & refines pores without being drying, harsh or irritating. Anti-oidant rich green tea extract, calming cucumber & caffeine work together to soothe irritation & reduce inflammation to leave the skin looking clear & feeling calm.

HYDRATING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK  – ultimate moisture-boosting sheet mask. This mask will leave your skin looking dewy, plumped and replenished, while the anti-aging peptides protect your skin against signs of aging.

  • Replenish, moisturise and restore hydration.
  • Protect against future signs of aging.
  • Leave your skin looking dewy, soothed and plumped.

BRIGHTENING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK – Banish dullness and get your glow back with our Brightening and Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. Perfect to perk up your skin before an event and give you an instant radiant glow, while protecting against future signs of aging.

  • Instantly boost your brightness and improve skin tone.
  • Protect against the future signs of aging.
  • Leaves your skin looking glowing, even, and radiant

FIRMING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK – Say goodbye to tired, lacklustre skin. Our Firming & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask visibly uplifts the skin leaving it feeling firm, supple & smooth, while protecting against future signs of aging.

  • Renew your skin & promote elasticity.
  • Leave your skin feeling firm, smooth & supple.
  • Protect against future signs of aging.
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