Wrist Corsage – ‘Belle of the Ball’

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Roses wrist corsage

Fresh rose wrist corsage – ‘Belle of the Ball’ will set you apart from the rest. These exquisite spray roses are wired and taped in position with natures own gum nuts, painted off-white. Simple foliage is used to frame and protect the roses and we secure the design on a elasticized silver band. We hand make each corsage to match your gown.

Please give us plenty of notice so we can to secure the availability of the roses. It’s a great idea to order your matching buttonhole. https://bloominboxes.com.au/product/buttonhole-fresh-rose-and-foliage/

Due to their delicate nature, it is best to pick up your wrist corsage or buttonhole from in store, on the day of your event. – 19 Archer St, Carlisle. Delivery options are limited.


          Why do I need to use a florist to make my corsage and buttonhole?

Not only do corsages have to look great, but they must hold up throughout the night of dancing and celebration. It’s always a good idea to buy a corsage from your local florist, Bloomin Boxes, rather than try to create one yourself. Corsages are not easy to make; the flowers have to stay ON the corsage, and stay looking fresh for long periods of time. Just talk to us about your budget and your options, it might surprise you what we’ll come up with!

If I wanted something special, would a florist work with me? Absolutely! Florists love a challenge! If you’ve got something special in mind, talk to the friendly staff at Bloomin Boxes about how they can customise your corsage just for you!

What do I need before I visit my local florist? Be sure to bring a picture of the dress you are wearing. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, even a picture from a cell phone will do. Bring any pictures of School Ball  corsages you like from the internet or magazines for us to look at.

Why not go into your local flower shop together? You can buy both the amazing corsage and boutonniere / buttonhole together!


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